Health and health care MUST start with patients and families:

For too long, and throughout the current health care debate, the dialogue has only been between $600 million in special interest lobbying and Washington elites. We need health care reform to make health CARE more affordable, more accessible, and higher quality. The Health Care Freedom Act will ensure that health care reform is centered on patients. You do not have to be wealthy to want a second opinion for your sick child. You do not have to be wealthy to want that extra test so you can sleep soundly a night. You do not have to be wealthy to want everything possible done for the loved one you have shared your life with.

Health care Freedom act map

The Health Care Freedom Act protects 2 rights:

1. The right to choose NOT to participate in any health care system or plan WITHOUT a penalty, fine, or tax. Because it is not what you GET when you join, but it is the FINE PRINT you are now subject to: ALL the rules, regulations and restrictions.

2. The right to spend your own money to get access to any lawful health care service. Because NO BUREAUCRAT, public or private, should be able to take that right away.

But we cannot get there without YOU!

Join our $5 For Health Freedom Campaign TODAY. Consider a $5 contribution for you and each family member whose health and health care decisions you believe should belong to patients and families, not government and special interests.

Building Blocks of Pre-and-Post Workout Supplements

Your body has two sorts of muscles, type-I fibers aid in endurance workouts while type-II provide strength and capacity during weightlifting. To stimulate muscle hypertrophy, you need to lift weights and subject your body to the tension that activates satellite cells within type-II fibers. Satellite cells sit on the surface of muscles and aid growth, preservation and repair. They remain inactive until you lift heavy weights. The heavyweights cause microscopic secretions that act as a magnet for satellite cells to migrate and multiply lean muscles. Scientists have created supplements that influence your dietary, hormonal, and energy network to increase training performance with higher ATP and pumping more blood into the tissues.

Protein supplements replenish muscles worn out by exercise and remodel them. Manufacturers of gym supplements mine proteins from whey, egg-white, soy, milk,rice, hemp, and pea. Whey protein offers a natural building block with quick uptake in the body. Additionally, proteins speed up metabolism and suppress appetite.

BCAA Supplements Branched Amino Acids (BCAA) provide a vital nutrient for the muscle system. BCAAs have a molecular chain with a branched configuration that boosts resistance against protein depletion and builds muscles. They drive nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, thereby aiding in regeneration and healing soreness of tissues after exercises.

Glutamine Supplements Glutamine refers to an amino acid that works by inhibiting the breakdown of proteins. It also boosts performance by speeding up fat burning. It also has anabolic properties. The amino acid plays a vital role in curbing muscle breakdown, improving the immune system and preventing soreness.

Creatine Supplements Creatine occurs naturally in your body as an organic acid and acts as a source of fuel. Creatine gym supplements can boost energy, recovery times, power and brain function and they equally diminish mental fatigue.

Nitric Oxide Boost Most pre workouts supplements include Nitric Oxide. It’s specially designed with a blend of vitamins and minerals that foster the synthesis of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide aids in relaxing arteries in your body for minimal resistance to blood flow. An adequate supply of blood improves workout performance, read more at pumpninc.

Thermogenic Gym Supplements Thermogenic gym supplements consist mainly of aspirin and caffeine extracts to increase the rate of metabolism and fat burning. Caffeine increases the heartbeat rate, dilates your airways, and improves blood flow in muscles. Thermogenic derivatives enhance the number of reps and overall strength. They give you the power to train harder.

Hormonal Supplements Hormonal supplements increase the natural levels of testosterone and growth hormones. Bodybuilders above the age of 35 can benefit from testosterone supplements as their bodies do not produce enough. Testosterone augments your muscle mass by increasing hypertrophic processes. Growth hormones aid in cell growth, repair, and regeneration.

The Bottom-Line Gym supplements spike essential nutrients in your body and replenish ingredients that boost performance, endurance, lean mass, oomph, and stamina. These supplements help protect your body from muscle expenditure, lactic acid damage, and increase exercising strength. They contain handpicked ingredients known by scientists to boost stamina, endurance, and control over your body.