The idea behind the Arizona Health Care Freedom Act was conceived by Dr. Eric Novack in 2006.

Two basic rights are protected:

  1. The right of individuals to be able to spend their own money to access and receive lawful health care services (and for providers to legally give that care and receive compensation)
  2. The right of individuals to choose to not participate in any health care system or plan without a penalty or fine.


Since narrowly losing at the ballot in 2008 (less than 0.5%) against a massive onslaught funded by the insurance industry, various stakeholders worked with us to improve the language while still protecting the two basic freedoms.

The Arizona Health Care Freedom Act was passed as a referendum to the November 2010 ballot by the Arizona legislature in June 2009.

Since the 2008 election, interest in the basic freedoms- essential and critical to keeping patients and families in control of their health and health care decisions- has exploded.

41 other states have taken action.