Health and health care MUST start with patients and families:

For too long, and throughout the current health care debate, the dialogue has only been between $600 million in special interest lobbying and Washington elites. We need health care reform to make health CARE more affordable, more accessible, and higher quality. The Health Care Freedom Act will ensure that health care reform is centered on patients. You do not have to be wealthy to want a second opinion for your sick child. You do not have to be wealthy to want that extra test so you can sleep soundly a night. You do not have to be wealthy to want everything possible done for the loved one you have shared your life with.

Health care Freedom act map

The Health Care Freedom Act protects 2 rights:

1. The right to choose NOT to participate in any health care system or plan WITHOUT a penalty, fine, or tax. Because it is not what you GET when you join, but it is the FINE PRINT you are now subject to: ALL the rules, regulations and restrictions.

2. The right to spend your own money to get access to any lawful health care service. Because NO BUREAUCRAT, public or private, should be able to take that right away.

But we cannot get there without YOU!

Join our $5 For Health Freedom Campaign TODAY. Consider a $5 contribution for you and each family member whose health and health care decisions you believe should belong to patients and families, not government and special interests.